etting Pregnant and Fertility Surgery: Balloon Tuboplasty

One type of fertility surgery that can be effective in the treatment of female infertility is balloon tuboplasty. This infertility treatment option can help couples having problems getting pregnant improve their chances of conceiving by helping to resolve such irregularities as blockages located in the fallopian tubes. But what exactly is balloon tuboplasty and what does this infertility surgery procedure involve?

What is Balloon Tuboplasty?
Balloon tuboplasty involves using a balloon or wire in order to remove blockages in the fallopian tubes, as well as to treat other female fertility problems. The use of a balloon or wire is preferred over the use of a laser because this latter option can cause scar tissue to develop.

What Does This Type of Fertility Surgery Involve?

During balloon tuboplasty, a small thin wire is inserted through the vagina, cervix and uterus and subsequently into the blocked fallopian tube.

A balloon is attached to the end of the wire and is inflated when it reaches the affected area so as to remove the blockage that is hindering conception.

What is Balloon Tuboplasty Used to Treat?

Balloon tuboplasty is often used to treat fallopian tube blockages, endometriosis as well as uterine adhesions.

In addition, this procedure is frequently used as a diagnostic tool.

How Effective is Balloon Tuboplasty?

In a recent study published in Journal Watch General Medicine, 77 women underwent bilateral tubal occlusion. Of the women who underwent the procedure, 92% had at least one tube successfully opened, while 69% had patency restored to both fallopian tubes.

Of the 64 women who underwent recanalisation, 22 (34%) became pregnant, with 17 of these women having normal deliveries. Five participants had miscarriages and one had an ectopic pregnancy.

Are there any Side Effects Associated with Balloon Tuboplasty?

Some minor side effects can result from this type of fertility surgery. These generally resolve on their own and last for a period of a few days.

Are there Any Risks Associated with Balloon Tuboplasty?

As with other forms of fertility surgery, there are certain risks involved with balloon tuboplasty.

Speak with your fertility specialist or health care provider regarding your safety concerns and questions about this procedure prior to undergoing treatment. Your doctor can provide you with the information you need in order to decide whether this is the best form of infertility treatment for you.

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