reakfast Ideas

A healthy breakfast is key to a good diet and to maintaining your overall health. But when you're trying to get pregnant, a healthy breakfast is especially important. Eating well improves your general health and can also have a positive effect on your reproductive health. Read on for some healthy breakfast ideas that can help you improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Good breakfast ideas:

  • wholemeal toast with nut butters or Marmite
  • muesli with fresh fruit added
  • porridge (but don't add loads of sugar & cream!)
  • real unsweetened fruit juice (check the label)
  • live yoghurt (organic if possible)
  • fresh fruit (as long as this is not the only thing you eat)
  • eggs

Foods to avoid:

  • breakfast cereals that are high in sugar
  • avoid high-sugar spreads like jam and marmalade
  • don't undo the effect of a healthy breakfast by accompanying it with coffee
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