Are You A Good Candidate for IVF?

Candidates for IVF or in vitro fertilization include people who are single and would like to have a child yet are nearing the age of menopause, couples who are of the same sexual orientation, women who are advanced in age, and couples or anyone with fertility problems.

Making ‘Miracles’ Happen

Menopause is considered the natural barrier to being able to conceive. In vitro fertilization, however, has made it possible for women to become pregnant throughout their 50’s and in some cases, even 60’s. The uteri of these women are prepared appropriately to make them able to receive and maintain embryos that have come from an egg donor’s egg.

Although there is no link to the child genetically, there is an emotional link that is created via the process of pregnancy and childbirth. Many times, the sperm used to conceive the child belongs to the partner of the woman and thus is the natural father of the child. A woman’s uterus is capable of carrying out a full term pregnancy even after menopause has occurred.

Not Ready to Be A Mom Yet?

Couples who prefer not to conceive immediately and would like to delay their child’s conception as a lifestyle choice can choose to have their eggs frozen and later retrieved for implanting will need to go through in vitro fertilization as well.

Other Candidates for IVF

Women who have disorders in their ovulation are candidates for IVF as well as are women with structural problems. These include women whose eggs do not mature or those who do not release eggs at all. Structural deterrents include the lack of cervical mucus, a thick cervix, obstruction of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis, and fallopian tube or uterus scarring.

Genetic disease sufferers may also want to consider IVF as well as those that have gone through surgery which have compromised their reproductive capacities. A person that has a genetically transmittable disease may use donor eggs or sperm in order to avoid the transmission of the genetic disease. Radiation or chemotherapy patients are also candidates for IVF. And, a couple in which the male partner suffers from low sperm counts is also a desirable candidate for IVF.

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