Choosing a Surrogate Mother

If you and your partner have been unable to have a baby and have decided that surrogacy is your next step, then choosing the right surrogate mother is important. Your first step is finding potential surrogates and this can be done using an agency that specializes in surrogacy or even via classified ads. It is not uncommon for a couple to post an ad in a newspaper or online looking for a surrogate. And, in some cases, a surrogate is often a close friend or even family member of the parents.

Narrowing Down Potential Surrogates

Even in all of the excitement of finding someone willing to make this wonderful sacrifice for you, it’s important that you step back and take the time to make the right decision. The best way to do this is to speak to several potential surrogates and narrow them down based on those that you’re most comfortable with. From there, interview each one and be sure to ask the questions that will give you the information you need to be sure. Remember to ask about health and lifestyle, reasons for choosing to be a surrogate mother and any other question that you feel necessary. Narrowing down your potential surrogate mothers will also require you to go over your expectations for the management of the pregnancy so you can be sure that your surrogate is on the same page when it comes to how all matters related to the pregnancy will be handled; from doctor’s appointments to prenatal care.

Other Things to Remember

Finding a woman who is physically able to carry your baby is important, but so is finding one who will be able to handle the psychological aspects of being a surrogate. There’s no doubt that a mother and baby can bond while the baby is in the womb and this is also the case for a surrogate mother. Nine months spent carrying a child can make it difficult for a woman to give up that baby once it’s born and this is something that you need to consider when choosing a surrogate mother. If you are not using an agency to find a surrogate then you will still need to be sure to have psychological testing done in order to ensure that the woman you have chosen is emotionally able to handle being a surrogate in every way. Enlisting the help of a family lawyer is a must to avoid any potential legal issues involved, including drawing up contracts that legally bind your surrogate to adhering to the terms agreed upon before conception.

Using a surrogate mother may involve many legalities and formalities, but you also need to find a way to build a personal connection with the woman who will carry your baby. When choosing your surrogate, be sure to choose someone who you connect with because establishing a bond with her during the pregnancy is extremely important. This is someone that you should spend time getting to know and building trust with so that your experience can be a gratifying one for all parties involved.

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