Choosing The Sex Of Your Baby

It is possible to increase your odds of having a girl or boy by creating the right balance between when you have sex and your diet. This is why charting your cycle is so helpful; it helps you to identify when you are most fertile and therefore when to have sex, depending on whether you want a boy or a girl.

Boy Sperm And Girl Sperm

Men produce two kinds of sperm: - Y chromosomes which are boy sperm and X chromosomes which are girl sperm.

The Y sperm are smaller, lighter, faster and more fragile. The X sperm are bigger, heavier, and slower and usually live longer than the Y sperm.

Trying For A Boy

If you are trying for a boy you need to have intercourse as near to ovulation as possible, so that the faster boy sperm win the sperm race. This means you should have sex on your peak day and the day after. Do not have sex for a few days before this to prevent the slower girl sperm reaching the egg. The boy sperm need the alkaline fertile mucus to help them swim faster, whereas girl sperm can tolerate a more acidic environment.

Boys Need Breakfast

Recent research at Exeter University shows that women who eat breakfast, especially breakfast cereals, were more likely to have a boy. You need to alter your eating habits at least a month before you try for a baby. To up your odds of getting a boy, eat a more potassium and sodium based diet, which means plenty of meat and fish, salty foods, and bananas which have lots of potassium and avoid dairy products completely.

Anecdotal evidence says that if you orgasm before your partner it also increases your chances of getting a boy. Men with high sperm counts also tend to have more boys.

Going For A Girl

To try for a girl you need to stop having sex at least two days before your peak day, which of course is more difficult to predict, especially if you have an irregular cycle.

It is also preferable for the man to orgasm first, and for the woman to ‘come' second, or even not at all.

For a girl, eat lots of calcium and magnesium based foods, and avoid salt and too much potassium. So lots of milk and unsalted cheese, and avoid processed meats like ham and bacon, and smoked fish.

Men who have lower sperm counts tend to produce more girl sperm. Interestingly men who have highly stressful jobs are also more likely to produce girls. Helicopter pilots tend to have girls, with Prince Andrew as a prime example. Other jobs where men tend to produce girls are deep sea diving, anaesthesiology, and prison work. It is believed that this is because men in these highly stressful occupations produce less testosterone which tips the odds in favor of girls.

And remember, these are just guidelines - they only tip the odds, it's not full proof!

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