Diet and Lifestyle

Although many women are aware of the fact that maintaining a well-balanced, nutritious diet and practicing regular exercise is important to their overall health, it is a lesser known fact that a healthy diet and overall healthy lifestyle is crucial to your reproductive health and your chances of getting pregnant. Whether or not you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle can greatly impact your odds of getting pregnant.

Foods And Fertility

Certain foods can increase your chances of getting pregnant while others can lead to or exacerbate problems getting pregnant.

Maintaing a healthy diet, full of nutritious foods, such as lean protein, fruits and vegetables and whole wheat products, is important to maintaining your overall health, as well as your reproductive health by providing you with important nutrients and vitamins crucial to your overall health. Eating a healthy breakfast is especially important to improving your chances of getting pregnant via a well-balanced diet.  New studies also show that eating full fat dairy once a day can increase your chances of getting pregnant while red meat can decrease your chances.  

Also, alcohol and smoking, as well as drugs, can decrease your chances for becoming pregnant and damage your fertility.  Also, since most women don't know they are pregnant until several weeks into their pregnancy, it is important not to put any harmful substances into their bodies.  This is why doctors also recommend that all women of reproductive age take folic acid, especially if they are trying to get pregnant.  Your baby needs this vital nutrient during its first few weeks formation to prevent spina bifida and heart mumurs.  

Lifestyle and Fertility

In addition, ensuring that your overall lifestyle is also essential in improving your odds of getting pregnant. Exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, and reducing levels of stress in your life are also key factors when it comes to increasing your chances of getting pregnant.  Women who are overweight have a tougher time getting pregnant and have more complications while pregnant.  Also, women who suffer from PCOS can increase their chances of getting pregnant by losing as little as ten pounds.  In addition, new studies have shown that women with endometriosis can decrease their symptoms, reduce their pain, and increase their chance of pregnancy by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.  Good advice for all women who want to get pregnant.  Read more in this section about how to improve your chance of getting pregnant by making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle. It can really be that easy.  Learn more today.

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