Estradiol Test

If you are trying to get pregnant and not able to conceive, there are variety of tests that you will have to go through when you seek fertility treatment. The estradiol test, a test that determines the quantity and quality of your eggs, is one of them.

Estradiol is a most important type of estrogen that is produced in your ovaries. It plays a big role in the growth of your uterus, fallopian tubes and vagina and also promotes breast development and the distribution of body fat in women.

What is the estradiol test?

The estradiol test measures your estradiol levels in your bloodstream and helps determine the status of your eggs in your ovaries. This test is also good if you want to check for any ovarian tumors or if there is any other abnormal development in your body.

The test requires only a simple blood test and it is performed on your Day 3 of your menstrual cycle and can also be done along with your Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) test. Most women have different levels of Estradiol during menstruation and on Day 3, the estradiol levels in your blood can indicate the status of your ovarian reserve.

If you have high levels of estradiol, it means that you could have complications with your ovarian reserve. High estradiol levels can cause a lot of problems with fertility such as low pregnancy rates, poor ovulation, poor response to ovulation inducing drugs, as well poor response to IVF. Normal Day 3 estradiol levels are around 80 pg/ml or lower.

Estradiol test procedures are very quick and simple. If you are on your Day 1 of your period, contact your fertility treatment clinic and make an appointment to book for your test right away. And on Day 3, visit your clinic and have your blood test. Your blood sample will soon be taken to the clinic's laboratory and you should get the test results within a few days.

After your estradiol test, your reproductive endocrinologist will discuss the test results with you. If you have high levels of estradoil, he or she will recommend further treatments and medications that will assist you to get pregnant sooner.

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