At-Home Male Fertility Tests

If you and your partner have been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant but aren’t quite ready to seek professional help yet, then one option to consider may be the newest in male fertility tests that can be performed in the comfort of your own home.

The SpermCheck test is was reported to have an accuracy rate of 96 percent in comparison to standard male fertility testing. This is exciting news when you consider that the test costs around 25 dollars American—a far cry from the cost of professional fertility testing.

How it Works

SpermCheck, which is one of the first male fertility tests for home use, works by telling a man whether or not his sperm count is low. It does this by detecting the antigen, SP-10, which is found on the head of the sperm. A sperm count of 20 million per every millilitre of semen or more is considered normal. The test will tell you if the sperm count is normal or if it is extremely low and less than 5 million per millilitre.

The Benefits

While there may be some sceptics and those who prefer to seek professional fertility testing, there are benefits associated with home fertility tests for men. It has been shown that a number of men are reluctant to go for fertility testing because of embarrassment. Many men are uncomfortable about speaking to a doctor about sex while others are concerned that there is a stigma connected with a man’s inability to get his partner pregnant. There are also those who are embarrassed of the act of providing a sperm sample. Being able to test fertility at home provides men with a comfortable and discreet way to detect a problem. Of course, if the test does indicate a problem with a man’s fertility, then the next step is to see a fertility specialist about how to proceed.

The cost is the other obvious benefit of home male fertility tests. The cost is considerably lower than professional testing and may be a good starting point for a couple who is having trouble conceiving. The cost is affordable enough that a couple can repeat the test if they like in order to be sure before proceeding. This is especially great for couples who may not be able to afford fertility tests otherwise. Finally, the test can also provide you with an answer within a matter of minutes. When used correctly, it takes only 7 minutes from start to finish.

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