How to Cope IVF Treatment

If you’re going through IVF then you have likely already gone through a series of emotional ups and downs on your journey to try to get pregnant. Having come this far means that you have had to deal with a lot of unexpected disappointment and stress that comes from dealing with infertility. This can of course wreak havoc on your hopefulness and your relationships.

Coping with IVF

The possibilities of being able to conceive using IVF has likely given you a renewed sense of hope and this can be a wonderful feeling. But, after having been dealt a few blows, this optimism tends to be fleeting for a lot of women who find themselves feeling hopeful one minute and hopeless the next. While this is normal, it is not healthy. This may be easier said than done, but it’s important to keep your emotions at an even keel and try to not focus on the end result and what IVF may or may not bring. You’re doing what you need to do to increase your chances of conception by trying IVF; the rest is out of your hands. This may sound harsh, but you’ll be better off emotionally and physically if you can avoid stressing about the things that you can’t control.

While a positive attitude is important, you need to remember that IVF doesn’t guarantee a pregnancy. Hanging on too tightly to the fact that you think it will be a success may set you up for failure. You cannot predict the outcome of anything and this includes IVF.

Keeping Stress at Bay

The most effective way of coping with trying to conceive via IVF is to keep your emotions on an even keel. This means doing your part to remain healthy and follow your doctor’s orders without letting your entire life revolve around IVF. Try to keep busy and don’t forget about your relationship with your partner and family. Allowing the stresses of IVF to take over your life can take you from being a woman with fertility problems to one whose life is full of problems at home and at work. Stress has been proven over and over again to affect your health, including your reproductive health. Keeping your stress levels to a minimum is important for every aspect of your life.

Take time to do things for yourself that help you relax and don’t forget to set aside time with loved ones. Sometimes that’s all you need to keep stress at bay.

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