Hydrotherapy For Infertility

Hydrotherapy treatment, formerly known as hydropathy, is considered one of the oldest forms of medical treatments. Hydrotherapy works by exploiting the body’s natural reactions to hot and cold water and has recently been used as a natural fertility treatment to help both male infertility and female infertility in order to increase the odds of getting pregnant. As such, hydrotherapy can be used as an alternative infertility treatment to increase a couple’s chances of getting pregnant.


What is Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is an ancient therapeutic technique that has been used to treat body ailments, diseases, and pain, including arthritis, burns, musculoskeletal disorders, spinal cord injuries and paralysis in patients recovering from a stroke. Hydro therapy is also used to treat mental health concerns, particularly those related to stress.

Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic use of water, and works by applying the natural pressure of hot or cold water in order to stimulate the nerves. This nerve stimulation by hydrotherapy treatment in turn stimulates the immune system.


Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy

By stimulating the immune system through natural water pressure, hydrotherapy influences the production of stress hormones and improves healthy metabolism. The following are some benefits associated with hydrotherapy treatment:


  • Improved blood circulation and healthy digestion
  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Rejuvenated lungs, heart, stomach, and endocrine system
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Reduced headaches, migraines, and muscle tension
  • Reduced sleep disorders such as insomnia
  • Minimized symptoms related to arthritis and stomach complications


Hydrotherapy For Fertility

Hydrotherapy has been used as a natural fertility treatment to help both female infertility and male infertility. Because hydrotherapy affects the production of stress hormones as well as improving circulation and digestion, hydrotherapy can alleviate the symptoms of stress and depression that are often associated with infertility and which can negatively affect your chances of getting pregnant.

In addition, increased blood circulation due to hydrotherapy treatment can help stimulate the reproductive system and improve fertility health.


Hydrotherapy Techniques

Many spas and wellness centres offer hydrotherapy techniques. In addition, hydrotherapy treatment may be conducted at home. Some hydrotherapy techniques available include the following:


  • Hot Air Baths/Saunas or the Turkish Bath. This technique usually involves two chambers of relatively high and low temperatures (hot and cold) that stimulate blood circulation to the surface of the skin. This is then followed by a general bath (such as showering or soaking) which can include soaping and shampooing.
  • Local Baths. These are baths that stimulate certain parts of the body. A sitz bath will soak only the buttocks and thighs of the body in hot and cold water. Other local baths include spinal, foot and head baths.
  • Compresses in which towels are soaked in hot and cold water allowing water to evaporate from the skin after exposure.
  • Warm Water Baths. This involves soaking in water for up to 30 minutes and can incorporate epsom salts, mineral mud, aromatherapy oils, ginger, moor mud, and dead sea salts.
  • Wraps in which cold, wet sheets are used to wrap an individual while lying down. Towels and blankets are then used to cover the individual, allowing the body to warn up until the sheets become dry.

A typical sitz spa at a wellness centre will involve two adjacent tubs of water containing hot and cold water. Sitz baths involve sitting in one tub while soaking the feet in another, and then alternating between the two. Sitz have been used to treat hemorrhoids, PMS, menstrual problems, cystitis, and polyps.

Private spa treatment and natural home treatments such as hydrotherapy can provide relaxing alternatives to improve your reproductive health. Choose the therapy technique that most appeals to you in order to ensure a relaxing treatment during what can be a stressful time trying to get pregnant.


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