Improving Egg and Sperm Health

Some couples decide they want to have a baby and within a couple of months, they've conceived. The statistics say that 50% of couples trying to conceive will do so in two or three months and about 85% will manage the feat within a year's time. When couples are having a hard time conceiving, the difficulty can be with either or both partners. Male factor fertility issues account for more than 40% of the reasons couples have difficulties and the balance is attributed to female factor fertility problems.

Improve Fertility Health the Natural Way

Although there are a variety of drugs available to help couples with fertility improvements, there are also some excellent natural ways to address the situation, for both members of the team. Often, just making some basic changes can enhance and improve the chances of natural conception dramatically. However, for a man to improve the quality of his sperm, a 100 day window of targeted action is recommended. Actually, that timing works out quite well because the cycle for an egg in preparation for ovulation is 90 days. Working together, a couple can achieve some great strides in their fertility health to realize their dream of a child.

Obviously, the real key to optimum fertility is for both partners to be as healthy as possible. There are numbers to back this statement indicating that couples who undergo complete and effective fertility preparation prior to attempting conception are more than 47% more likely to conceive with IVF and 78% more likely to conceive naturally.

Encourage Healthy Swimmers

Men can improve their sperm health by incorporating these suggestions into their lifestyle:

· Zinc is a wonder mineral when it comes to conception health for both men and women. It is known to be the male fertility mineral contributing to healthy tests, good sperm count, motility and morphology (shape). Zinc is important to DNA and RNA formation in both sperm and egg and is essential to forming the baby's blueprint. It is a key in preventing preeclampsia and is necessary for healthy sexual development and creating a strong immune system in the baby.

· All the cells of the body, including sperm cells, are comprised of 50% fat and 50% protein. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to healthy sperm; however, the fatty acids are highly susceptible to free radical damage as well. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking, and environmental issues like chemicals increase the risk of serious free radical damage to the sperm. The best way to combat this is by using fertility supplements that are high in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.

· Toxins are nothing to fool with, especially when it comes to sperm health. Environmental toxins can kill or damage sperm to a point where a healthy conception is impossible, causing infertility or contributing to miscarriage. Some of the hormonal disruptors in daily life include cleaning products, pest control sprays and poisons, paints, heavy metals and more. Be sure to check your home and work environments for these sperm killers and use adequate protection from chemicals and other toxic hazards.

· A clean lifestyle is so very important. Smoking, drinking, drug use, junk food, sugar and processed foods are all counterproductive when it comes to sperm health. Eat a diet loaded with fresh, organic vegetables and fruits; lean, clean, meats and fish and lots of water.

How To Enhance Egg Health

A woman's fertility is impacted by the same things a man's fertility is affected by, such as environmental factors, hormones in the diet, and stress - just to name a few. Healthy female fertility is based upon:

· Proper circulation

· A healthy fertility cycle

· Balanced hormones

· Healthy eggs

All of these things contribute to enhancing the health and productivity of the eggs and when it comes to having a baby, a woman wants to have healthy eggs.

Proper circulation - that is blood flow and oxygenation of the blood - is essential to the health of the ovaries in order for them to produce quality eggs. Blood flow to the ovaries can be increased by:

· Getting at least eight 8-oz. glasses of pure water every day. Dehydration can cause the blood to become thick, decreasing circulation in the body.

· Exercise causes the blood to circulate throughout the body, getting it to all the cells and moving oxygen through the blood.

· Fertility self-massage is an excellent way to increase egg health as it brings fresh blood to the ovaries and removes old stagnant blood.

Hormonal balance is a delicate thing and is often disrupted by environmental factors, stress and a diet that is less than optimal. If the hormonal balance of the body is off, the eggs may fail to respond and the fertility cycle is interrupted. When the cycle is out of balance, ovulation may not take place. Enhance the balance of hormones and nourish the endocrine system by making sure you are eating to positively impact egg health. Nutrient dense foods and supplements such as:

· Broccoli

· Berries

· Dark leafy veggies

· Halibut

· Salmon

· Pumpkin seeds

· Sesame seeds

· Turmeric

· Ginger

· Royal Jelly (available at quality health food stores)

· Powdered greens (a vitamin/mineral mix that is loaded with great things but can taste like the underside of a lawnmower).

· Good multivitamin

· Antioxidant supplements

The same things that kill and destroy sperm will do likewise to eggs. So, clean up the diet, quit smoking, drinking, eating a lot of sugar and Trans fats and save the low-fat diets for another time in life. When you are trying to conceive, your body needs healthy fats that come from lean, organic meats and dairy.

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