The Importance of Male Fertility Tests

When a couple is having trouble conceiving, most will first assume that the infertility must be on the part of the woman, but in truth, close to 40 percent of infertility cases are due to male infertility. Male infertility testing is available to any couple who has been trying to conceive for some time without any luck.

The Initial Evaluation

A couple who has been unable to conceive after a year of unprotected sex needs to look into fertility testing for both parties. Male fertility testing begins with an initial fertility evaluation by a urologist. During this initial evaluation the urologist will want to know about the patient’s medical history and lifestyle. Things such as previous surgeries, medications and diet and exercise habits will be discussed. A man should be prepared to talk about any drug use, smoking and alcohol habits. The doctor will also want to discuss any issues that the patient may have regarding sex and this includes any STIs and sexual dysfunction.

Along with getting a clear picture of a man’s life and health, the doctor will also need to perform a physical which will include examining the penis and testicles as well as the overall health. A sperm sample will also need to be provided for analysis. The sperm will be counted and checked for mobility and shape as these are all factors that can interfere with getting pregnant. And, even though hormones are not usually a factor in many male infertility cases, checking testosterone levels is still a common part of initial male fertility testing.

Why Should He Get Tested?

Of all the couples that are dealing with fertility issues, approximately 85 percent are able to pin point the cause of their infertility thanks to having male and female fertility testing done. Knowing what the problem is makes it easier to correct or at least know how to proceed as far as your journey to making a baby goes. Not knowing the cause of infertility problems could lead to a lot of time and money spent on unnecessary infertility treatment. It can also be emotionally draining for a couple to not know why their attempts at getting pregnant are not working. This is especially difficult for the woman who may have to ensure invasive tests and procedures. Having the male tested as well as the female helps the doctor to pin point the problem sooner and increase the likelihood of conceiving.

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