Are You Considering IUI?

Many women and couples have tried the IUI procedure in order to have a baby. Intrauterine insemination—which is NOT done using a "turkey baster" like many a joke has indicated—is a method of inseminating sperm into a woman’s uterus. This also used to be referred to as artificial insemination.

Why Try IUI?

This method is far less expensive than procedures like IVF and though success rates are fairly low, the price makes it possible for couples to try this method several times. IUI is recommended for couples who have been trying for a year to get pregnant without any luck. Many women wonder how it’s any different than just getting the sperm inside the old fashioned way. The answer to that is that out of all of the sperm in semen, many of them don’t make it past the cervix and ‘die off’ before getting there. IUI takes the strongest sperm from the sample and injects them into the uterus for a better chance at conception.

IUI is a good option for couples who are having problems conceiving for various reasons, such as those in which the male is fertile but has low motility or sperm that is of an unsatisfactory shape or for women who have issues with their cervical mucus being too thick or insufficient.  This is also a good option for a same sex couple or single woman as woman can have sperm from a donor inseminated.

The Procedure

In brief, the IUI procedure is performed using a syringe with a small catheter attached to it. The sperm, which has undergone a washing treatment in order to remove the semen, leaving only the best sperm, is then taken into the syringe and injected past the cervix and right into the uterus. That’s it. All that is left to do then is wait to see if the procedure has been successful or not.

The IUI procedure is not painful and doesn’t have any serious side effects. It’s a relatively non-invasive method that can increase a woman’s chances of conceiving. As mentioned earlier, the success rate is fairly low, but this remains a much more cost effective and simpler option for couples over IVF and other forms of assisted reproductive technology. The procedure can be tried multiple times.

Difficulty conceiving is something that can really wear someone down emotionally. Even with the hope given to couples thanks to methods like IUI and IVF, there is still no guarantee. Learning more about your options can not only improve your chances of getting pregnant but it can also help you gain some control over your situation. Take the time to read about IUI and all of the other options on this site so that you can better understand your options and chances at conceiving.

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