etting Pregnant Jargon

Reading about other women’s getting pregnant stories and participating in our Getting Pregnant Stories forum are excellent ways to build a support system that can help you cope with the often-overwhelming experience of having difficulty getting pregnant.

Our Getting Pregnant Jargon page is designed to improve your knowledge of common getting pregnant lingo our users often employ. This getting pregnant jargon will help you communicate more easily with other women who are having difficulty trying to get pregnant.

  • 2ww: 2 week wait (after ovulation)
  • af : "Aunt Flo"; your period
  • bbt: basal body temperature
  • bd: baby dancing (baby-making sex)
  • bfn: before flow negative
  • cd: cycle day
  • cm or cf: cervical mucus or cervical fluid
  • dd: darling daughter
  • dpo: days past ovulation
  • dh: darling husband
  • dp: darling partner
  • ds: darling son
  • edd: estimated due date
  • ewcm: egg white cervical mucus
  • ept: early pregnancy test
  • ft: fertile mucus
  • FSH: follicle stimulating hormone
  • hCG: human chorionic gonadotrophin
  • hpk/hpt: home pregnancy kit/test
  • IUI: intrauterine insemination (artificial insemination)
  • LAP: Laparoscopy
  • lmp: last monthly period
  • lo: little one
  • lp: luteal phase
  • mc: miscarriage
  • MIL: mother-in-law
  • nfm: natural fertility management
  • o: ovulation
  • opk: ovulation predictor kit
  • pg: pregnant
  • tcoyf: Taking Charge of Your Fertility (book)
  • ttc: trying to conceive
  • u/s: ultrasound

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