Getting Pregnant and Natural Fertility: Reiki Therapy

One natural fertility treatment that is on the rise in popularity is Reiki therapy. Reiki treatments are based on the channeling of positive energy so as to promote overall health. As such, Reiki healing is a natural fertility method that can help improve your chances of getting pregnant by minimizing health problems and conditions that can hinder your fertility.

But what exactly is Reiki therapy and how can it help to increase your odds of getting pregnant?

What is Reiki Therapy?

Reiki treatment is a natural therapy that is used to improve overall well being and to promote healing in the body. Reiki therapy is an ancient Japanese healing method whose primary objective is to balance the energy (Chi) in the body. Reiki seeks to encourage energy flow so as foster self-healing.

During a Reiki treatment session, a practitioner will use gentle hand movements so as to channel positive energy from her hands to that of the patient. These hand movements are often performed without any body contact from the practitioner, as the practitioner�s hands usually hover just above the patient's body, including the head, shoulders, stomach, back, legs and feet.

The Benefits of Reiki Therapy

There are a variety of health benefits associated with Reiki treatment. Some of the benefits associated with Reiki treatment include:

  • reduced levels of stress
  • increased energy levels
  • improved immune system health
  • reduced muscle pain
  • reduced levels of anxiety
  • improved method of detoxification

Reiki Therapy and Infertility

Because Reiki healing works to improve overall physical and mental health, it can in turn improve your chances of getting pregnant by promoting overall health, including reproductive health. As such, Reiki therapy can help to improve your health so as to minimize conditions and illnesses that can contribute to infertility:

For example, Reiki therapy can help to maintain good reproductive health that is beneficial for both men and women. Also, because stress is often linked to fertility problems, Reiki therapy can be beneficial in cases in which stress is contributing to problems getting pregnant.

In addition to promoting good preconception health, Reiki treatment can also help to foster good prenatal health. A recent study found that Reiki healing sessions reduced stress during pregnancy by 94% while nausea and morning sickness were reduced by 80% after Reiki treatment sessions. In addition, the study found that quality of sleep is improved by 86% when Reiki treatment is conducted during pregnancy.

Reiki healing can also help to minimize labor pains as well as to provide relief to muscles and reduce other discomforts linked to the birthing process.

Reiki Therapy Session Information

An average Reiki treatment lasts from between 60 minutes to 90 minutes. The cost of a Reiki therapy session is approximately £15. In order to be effective, it is recommended that you start with 1 or 2 Reiki therapy sessions per week.

In order to ensure that your Reiki therapy practitioner is qualified, inquire about her qualifications, including where she was trained. You should also ask to see qualification certificates and diplomas. In addition, ask friends or family who have used Reiki treatment in order to conceive for a referral. Also, remember that finding a Reiki practitioner close to your home reduces travel time and stress, particularly if you�re undergoing other forms of fertility treatment such as assisted reproduction technology(ART) or fertility testing.

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