Time It Right with Ovulation Test Kits

There are many natural ways to create fertility and to help yourself along in the conception process. One of these ways is with an ovulation test kit. Finding out exactly when you ovulate will help you to know when to be intimate during the month to increase your chances of conception. There are two days in your monthly cycle when you are at your peek fertility - the day before you ovulate and the day that you actually ovulate. Knowing when these dates are may help to lead you towards conception and a wonderful pregnancy.

How Ovulation Test Kits Work

The ovulation test kit is looking for a surge in LH in your body. Just before you ovulate, your body has a surge of luteinizing hormone (LH). This hormone can always be detected in your urine, and it increases dramatically around your most fertile days of the month. The increase in LH triggers ovulation, releasing an egg from your ovary. Therefore, the test kit is looking for a surge in LH to indicate to you that your most fertile time of the month is coming.

When Should You Test?

It is certainly important to know when in the day it is best to test so that you don't miss your LH surge and your window of opportunity to get pregnant. It is recommended that you test either between 11am and 3 pm, or between 5pm and 10pm. Some people test twice a day, during these designated hours. You can either test with a blood test or with a urine test, and it's important to keep in mind that the blood test will show the LH surge 4-5 hours earlier than the urine will, since it takes longer for the surge to be indicated in your urine. You should make sure to test at the same time each day, as to have consistent results.

When Will You Ovulate?

The test kit will indicate when you have an LH surge. This surge occurs 24-36 hours before you ovulate. So, when the kit indicates that you are having the surge, you'll know that you will be the most fertile in the next two days. You should, therefore, have sex within the 48 hours after your LH surge to maximize your chances of getting pregnant during that cycle.

Problems with Ovulation Test Kits

There are some situations where the ovulation test kit will not show accurate results, and some people for whom it will not work. If you are taking certain prescription drugs, such as menotropins, your results may be skewed. The beginning of menopause and certain rare medication conditions can also cause elevated levels of LH. If you are a woman who doesn't ovulate every cycle, you may not see any increase in the level of LH hormone during those cycles. If you have PCOS, you may also not get reliable results from the ovulation test kit.

Where to Purchase Test Kits

Ovulation test kits can be purchased in most pharmacies or online. Each kit has somewhere between five and nine tests per kit, and the average cost of the kits is between $3 and $7. You should expect to pay somewhere between $15 and $70 a month while using ovulation test kits.


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