Preconception Exercise Program

If you're thinking about having a baby, you should be planning on getting in shape for the event. Experts recommend that you begin a course of regular exercise three months before you try to conceive. If you're already a fitness maven you may want to think about altering your routine to some extent. Keep in mind that the level of physical activity that is considered safe for a pregnant woman is the level she achieves prior to pregnancy.

Part of becoming fit for pregnancy is about achieving your ideal weight. Exercise is a push toward this direction, allowing you to lose weight the smart way. Having a healthy weight at conception can help to lower your risks for a number of pregnancy complications including miscarriage, gestational diabetes, and delivery complications.

A good preconception exercise program includes strength training, exercises to improve flexibility, and aerobic activities. These are the exercises that help ready your body for the stresses of pregnancy.

No Backaches

Aerobic exercises are beneficial to your cardiovascular system and can help bring nutrients and oxygen to your eggs. This type of exercise will improve the quality of your sleep and lend you a feeling of well-being. If you keep on doing aerobics during your pregnancy, you'll find this exercise keeps away the worst of the unpleasant pregnancy symptoms like backaches and constipation and you'll also have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight. Some examples of aerobic exercise are walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming. Do some form of aerobic exercise three or four times a week.

Strength training will help you build up lean body mass while boosting the strength of your lower body, pelvic floor, abdominal muscles, and your upper and lower back. These muscles are the ones that take the brunt of your pregnancy, so it makes sense to bolster their strength starting now. Strength training involves the use of weights and resistance. Do these exercises each day.

Calming Yoga

The third aspect of your exercise program is about improving your flexibility. Good examples of this type of exercise include stretching and yoga. An important benefit to flexibility exercises is that they help you to avoid injuries to muscles and tendons that can occur during exercise. But stretching is also calming and can reduce stress levels.

Last but not least are some tips on how to start on your preconception exercise plan:

*Check with your doctor before embarking on any exercise plan.

*Pick exercise activities you like so you won't dread exercise time.

*Pick a time frame for exercise and don't deviate.

*Get an exercise buddy to keep you from being lonely and to give you incentive. You'll both benefit.

*Work up to your preferred level of physical activity in a gradual manner and when you feel fatigued, stop exercising. If you overdo it, your body may not have enough fat to draw on for conception.

*Be in tune with your body. Stop the minute you feel pain, or risk incurring injury.

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