Delivery Problems

Infertility in men can be caused by a number of things including impaired sperm production or motility, general health and lifestyle issues and environmental issues. Another issue to consider is when the sperm cannot be delivered from the penis to the vagina, which also results in male infertility.

Sexual Issues Which Affect Male Fertility

Fertility can be affected by what may be termed "sexual issues" which include problems with sexual intercourse or technique which may cause infertility. Fortunately this is often treatable by taking advantage of counseling or even doing some reading. If the sexual intercourse problems are more of a physical nature, then medical help may be necessary as in erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or painful intercourse, which all have a profound effect upon fertility.

If there are psychological issues or problems in the relationship, infertility may be contributed to by these difficulties. Seeking the help of a qualified professional to address the issues is an important step not only for attaining pregnancy, but also for the relationship itself.

Sometimes infertility is caused by something as simple as the use of lubricants. The use of oils or petroleum jelly can be very toxic to sperm and ultimately create a fertility problem.

Going the Wrong Way

A retrograde ejaculation happens when semen does not emerge through the penis but instead goes backward into the bladder. There are several different possible causes or conditions for retrograde ejaculation including diabetes, bladder, prostate or urethral surgery and even the use of certain types of medications.

Blocked Tubes - By Birth or By Choice

Blockages of the epididymis - that part of the testicle which contains the sperm - or blockages in the ejaculatory ducts will prohibit the flow of semen into the vagina. Some men are born without the tube which carries the sperm, the vas deferens, from the testicle to the opening in the penis. Again, there will be no flow of semen into the vagina as a result. Men who suffer with cystic fibrosis are often missing or have blocked vans deferens. In the case of vasectomy (male sterilization), antibodies which weaken or disable sperm after the surgical blockage of the vans deferens is performed and can make reversal of a vasectomy difficult.

We Need a Wave to Carry The Goods

In the case of spinal cord injuries or certain diseases, some men may suffer the loss of the ability to ejaculate. Ejaculate is the fluid which carries the sperm from the penis into the vagina. Birth defects are another cause of problems with semen delivery to the vagina. A misplaced urinary opening, called hypospadias, where the urinary opening is abnormally located on the underside of the penis, must be corrected by surgery. If left uncorrected, this condition can prevent sperm from reaching the cervix.

And Maybe It Is None of the Above

Some of the problems concerning delivery of sperm into the vagina are often treatable. If a man is dealing with any of these problems, a visit to his doctor is advised in order to evaluate possible options.


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