Roll-On Treatment

Muscle Contractions

Much of the discomfort suffered by those with endometriosis is caused by muscle contractions. These contractions reduce the flow of blood and oxygen to the area where pain is experienced and this, in turn, creates more pain. A new pain reliever called ProSirona is having some success in relieving this type of pain.

ProSirona is a topical medication that is applied to the area of pain much like one applies roll-on deodorant. The medication interferes with nerve impulse signals as they attempt to travel the synapses or the areas between the nerve axons.

Longer Synapses

The active ingredient contained in ProSirona separates the nerve endings resulting in longer synapses. This means that fewer nerve signals are sent to the brain, and fewer signals means weaker signals, thus less pain. When pain is relieved, a sensation of relaxation is experienced. This helps to further increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the site of pain, so that even greater relief from pain is experienced.

Bent Knees

The medication is rolled onto the clean skin wherever there is a sensation of pain or discomfort. It's best to lie down on your back with bent knees. Some find it helps to massage the area after the topical medication is applied. It may also help to apply a heating pad atop the treated area. The medication takes from five to fifteen minutes to bring relief. Many users report that the second application, applied two-three hours after the first, brings even greater relief for discomfort. The medication can be used up to four times daily.

Natural Oils

ProSirona is non-greasy so won't stain your clothing. Users experience warmth or a cool, tingling feeling. The natural oils in this preparation give ProSirona a pleasant peppermint scent. This new treatment is made from natural mineral oil with the addition of essential oils. The active ingredient is calendula oil.

ProSirona has no known side effects and the manufacturers have taken care to make sure the preparation doesn't irritate the skin. If you should experience any skin irritations, cease using the product and contact your physician. In any case, it's a good idea to discuss the use of ProSirona with your physician to make sure it can interact with any of your regular medications.

Temporary Relief

While there is as of yet, no known cure for endometriosis, ProSirona can give sufferers temporary relief from their symptoms.

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