Signs that You Might Be Pregnant

Part of planning a pregnancy means that you need to know the signs that indicate you are actually pregnant. The first sign is a menstrual delay. There are women with menstrual cycles which are irregular who will need actual pregnancy tests to confirm that they are pregnant. However, for those who have regular periods, and are a week or two late after unprotected sexual intercourse, this may indicate pregnancy.

Other Common Signs of Pregnancy

The next sign you may be pregnant is having a feeling of total fatigue or a total depletion of energy. Nausea and vomiting that happens any time of day is another indication of pregnancy. Although this is called morning sickness, it does not necessarily always occur in the morning.

Skin changes such as increased oiliness or dryness are also another symptom of being pregnant. Changes in hormones cause an increased melanin production which can possibly result in a vertical line that is a dark colour that extends down from your navel area.

Another sign that indicates you are pregnant would be sensitive breasts. Breast fullness, tingling, pain or having a ‘bruised’ feeling in your breasts is another indication that you are pregnant.

Back pain, whether mild or severe, is another indication that you may be pregnant. Your back pain may start as a dull numb mild pain and become aggravated as your pregnancy progresses. Preventive measures such as back strengthening exercises and not sitting or standing too long at any stage of your pregnancy may help alleviate back pain due to pregnancy.

Another symptom of pregnancy is having strong and unusual food cravings that you did not experience before. For example, if you have just had a meal and yet suddenly feel an unexplainable, strong craving for a specific type of food such as chocolate or kiwi, you will most likely be pregnant.

Urinating more frequently is another indication that you are pregnant. This is not only due to changes in your hormones, but on the possible pressure your now expanding uterus is putting on your bladder.

If You Think You’re Pregnant

If you think you are pregnant and a pregnancy test says otherwise, make sure you see your doctor promptly. This is because certain medications you may be taking do mimic the symptoms of pregnancy. Furthermore, if you are pregnant but get a negative result, you might resume your regular dietary habits that may be unhealthy.

This includes drinking a lot of coffee or smoking which may harm your baby. Your doctor can not only confirm your pregnancy, he or she can make a calculation of when your baby is due as well as give you dietary and health advice.

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