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As any couple dealing with fertility issues will tell you - it's a two person problem. Fertility issues do not just fall onto the woman - nor is she always the one to blame. Male fertility problems can also create a problem in conceiving and it's very important for the man to be evaluated by a doctor. Both men and women should be seen first by the general practitioner, and then by a fertility specialist if a problem is suspected.

Three out of every four male fertility problems have to do with sperm health. It is, therefore, very important for men to learn more about how their diet, exercise and everyday activities influence the health of their sperm The more that they can do to counteract the problems or to prevent their occurrence, the more helpful it will be for their fertility issues.

Try To Be Healthy

As you can probably figure out, smoking, drinking and drugs are not beneficial for sperm. Research has linked smoking to sperm issues, because smoking can cause sperm DNA damage and can lead to birth defects. Alcohol can result in impotence and drugs are certainly negative for sperm. Sperm takes three months in the body to fully develop. So, if you are using any of these substances, you'll need to stop at least three months before you want to conceive with your partner. Stop smoking and taking drugs completely and limit your drinking to less than two drinks a day, if that.

Watch Your Weight

Your weight can have a significant influence on your sperm count. If your BMI is lower than 20 or higher than 25, it can reduce your sperm count by as much as 22%. Sperm count is directly linked to your weight. Try, therefore, to eat right and to exercise as much as possible.

Watch the Sun

Men need to create a balance in the sun. The sun is linked in a positive way to testosterone, which means that you can help yourself to have a healthy sperm count with natural exposure to the sun. At the same time, you don't want to overexpose yourself. Overheated testicles can reduce your sperm count. If you wear pants or underwear that are too tight fitting for long periods of time, you can actually damage your sperm count. This is not just an old wives tale! Watch your time in the Jacuzzi and in hot baths as well. Finally, keep your laptop off of your lap and use it only at a table!


Stress has been shown to negatively influence a couple's chance of conceiving. Both men and women are encouraged, when trying to conceive, to reduce the stress in their lives. Stress can negatively impact sperm count and can decrease a man's sexual drive. Remove stress from your life with exercise, relaxing music, herbal teas and any other techniques that will work for you.

Live It Up, But Not Too Much

Some men assume that they need to go into overdrive when it's time to conceive. When the woman is near her ovulation date, they assume they should be having sex every five minutes. Research has actually shown that ejaculating more than twice a day decreases sperm count. The sperm needs time to regenerate in the body. On the other end of the spectrum, sperm that isn't ejaculated becomes less fertile and old. Try to have sex every other day when you are trying to conceive.

These are some of the helpful tips that should keep your sperm count healthy and keep you on the road to conception. Speak with your doctor about your sperm count and don't be afraid to ask questions. If you think that you have fertility issues, seek the help that you need so that you and your partner can successfully conceive the child of your dreams.


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