Cervical Mucus - The Right Stuff

Time-tested Method

Fertility awareness is obtained through various methods and one of the most effective of these methods is through the observation of the cervical mucus for its elasticity, transparency, and the presence of ferning. This time-tested method for tracking ovulation works through charting the changes in your cervical mucus during your cycle. Learning to spot these changes (sticky, thin, clear, cloudy, stretchy, thick) can help you pinpoint the right time in your cycle to try and conceive a child.

Cervical mucus has specific biological functions. For example, when the menstrual period ends, the opening to the cervix is blocked by mucus that is thick and acidic. The purpose of this type of mucus is to block sperm from entering the uterus, since this is not the best or healthiest time to conceive a viable fetus. On the other hand, around the time of ovulation, mucus with high water content is produced. This mucus is low in acid and tends to branch out in a ferning pattern so as to guide sperm through the cervix. This ferning pattern can be seen when the mucus is viewed through a microscope with low magnification. These changes to the mucus are proof that it's the right time in your cycle to make love and attempt conception.

Fertile Mucus

While most methods of contraception work by preventing ovulation through the manipulation of hormones, the effectiveness of these methods is increased because of their ability to block the production of "fertile mucus." By the same token, methods that serve to thin the mucus may help to achieve pregnancy. For this purpose, some doctors recommend taking guaifenesin, a common expectorant used to treat colds and chest congestion, in the days before ovulation. Just as this medication thins nasal secretions that collect in the chest, it also can serve to thin a woman's cervical mucus.

When monitoring cervical mucus changes for the determination of your time of ovulation you will note that as your cycle progresses, your vaginal mucus will increase in volume and change its texture. These changes are due to hormonal fluctuations. When the mucus resembles raw egg whites (clear, slippery, stretchy), you are liable to be at the most fertile point of your cycle.

The monitoring of changes in cervical mucus is the only fertility awareness method that does not require a few cycles for comparison and analysis. Read a step by step method for monitoring cervical mucus


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