Congratulations, You're Pregnant!

If this is your first pregnancy, you probably have lots of concerns and questions - click here for a guide to some of your symptoms and feelings.

You'll also probably want to lay your hands on as many books as possible (pregnant women are known for this!) - there's a roundup below of the ones we like. You might also appreciate our features on Knitting and Nest building - two things you may suddenly find you have an increased interest in now that you're pregnant!

  Shop at Pregnancy, Conception & Birth - Dr Miriam Stoppard
With over 400 pages and hundreds of photos and diagrams this is the best all round book you'll get

  Shop at The Rough Guide to Pregnancy & Birth - Kaz Cooke
Reads like a novel but full of information and downright hilarious at times.


Not available from

Birth and Beyond - Dr Yehudi Gordon
Recently published and rival's Dr Stoppard's book in size and quantity of information but also includes post-natal information. details Pregnancy planner / organiser
This was recommended by a Getting Pregnant visitor. do it and will despatch worldwide. have a wall planner details Birth Your Way - Sheila Kitzinger
The birth guru explains the benefits of having your baby at home or in a birth centre rather than in a hospital.
  This book is not relevant to readers outside the UK The Which? Guide to Baby Products
Providing for your newborn can be a confusing business; this book explores the whole range of goods and explains pros and cons and Best Buys. details The Best Friends Guide to Pregnancy - Vicky Iovine ("Girlfriends' Guide" in the U.S. & Canada)
Takes a humourous look at your entire pregnancy.

  Not available from Haynes Owners Workshop Manual - BABY
This excellent book is aimed at prospective and new fathers and whilst the lay-out is a tongue-in-cheek imitation of a car maintenance manual, the information is accurate and well-written.
Click here for a full Getting Pregnant review. details You're Pregnant Too Mate!: The Essential Guide for Expectant Fathers
One for your partner - recommended by a community member and apparently a hilarious read.
    NATURAL MEDICINE & ALTERNATIVE APPROACHES details Natural Pregnancy - Zita West
Oodles of information from trained midwife about complementary therapies during pregnancy with chapters covering each trimester and preparation for labour
  Not available from The Alternative Pregnancy Handbook - Dr Tanvir Jamil & Karen Evenett
Chapters cover each of a variety of alternative therapies and their specific use during pregnancy.
    AFTER THE BIRTH details

The New Contented Little Baby Book - Gina Ford
Recommended by Got Pregnant moderator Julie details

Baby Love - Robin Barker
This is an Australian book and thoroughly recommended by those who have it for its non-patronising non-pressured approach.
Click here for a full Getting Pregnant review
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