ProXeed- One Avenue to Sperm Health

One way to try to improve your sperm health is with dietary supplements and recommended products. These are supposed to be a natural solution that doesn't require medical intervention. While nothing is proven to be effective for all people, a number of the products on the market today claim that they do, indeed, improve sperm health. One such product is ProXeed®Plus.

What is ProXeed®Plus?

ProXeed®Plus is a male fertility dietary supplement that many doctors recommend. It has shown improved sperm motility, concentration and morphology in men who have poor semen. In one study, done in 2004, 300 infertile men were monitored. The study found that the ingredients in ProXeed®Plus resulted in a pregnancy rate of 21.8%, compared to the placebo with 1.7%. Most of the pregnancies occurred between three to six months after starting the supplements. This is the sole dietary supplement that has been found to have effective ingredients in double-blind, placebo-controlled trials that were published in top medical journals.

ProXeed® or ProXeed®Plus?

Both of these products are offered through Sigma-Tau. ProXeed®Plus is a new, improved version of the original supplement to enhance sperm health. The new version contains the same, clinically proven ingredients that are in ProXeed®, but it also has antioxidant complex that is supposed to protect sperm from free radical damage. It also has added nutrients for enhancing sperm formation and maturation. Clinical trials have proven that ProXeed®Plus optimizes sperm health and that it can improve all of the parameters of sperm health. If you are someone who has been taking ProXeed®, it is safe to now switch over to ProXeed®Plus. The two are 100% compatible. ProXeed®Plus comes in a new lemon flavor and results can be seen as early as three months after the initial use.

How Is ProXeed®Plus Taken?

ProXeed®Plus is a powder supplement that you can dissolve in juice or another cold drink. It is taken two times a day for six months. Initial improvements in sperm quality have been measured as early as three months after beginning the supplements. Sperm generally require 74 days to mature and then another 20 days to become capable of fertilization. For this reason, you need to take it for approximately 3-6 months to achieve the desired results.

ProXeed®Plus is only one of the many products that are on the market today to help to improve sperm health. It is certainly worth looking into these natural options - either by themselves or in tandem with fertility treatments and other aids.


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