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Each year getting pregnant naturally is becoming more and more difficult thanks to a whole host of environmental and lifestyle factors. Almost an entire generation is now suffering from some level of infertility and getting pregnant and starting a family is no longer as easy as it use to be.

Here at, we strive to help you understand the many factors involved in both male and female infertility and to get the answers you need to navigate the many different issues that can affect fertility. We also provide information on how to increase your chances of getting pregnant and what options are available for infertility treatment. Our researchers and writers stay as up-to-date as possible on all of the latest medical fertility treatments and options, as well as their cost, and we also provide you with many natural fertility cures to help you in your endeavor to become parents. We hope you find our getting pregnant resource a valuable tool in helping you achieve your parenting dreams! Good luck!


Fertility Tests

Asses you chance of GETTING PREGNANT

Familiarize yourself with common FERTILITY TESTING


Assisted Reproduction
Interested in finding the right fertility clinic? Looking for a helpful guide to coping with assisted reproduction treatment?

Our assisted Reproduction section provides information you need to pursue the best pregnancy path for you!


Uncover steps to improve your chances of getting pregnant.
Get connected to the significance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.
Learn how to time intercourse around your menstrual cycle.
Find positions that can boost your chances.
Discover how a positive attitude is key to getting pregnant.


Considering alternate paths to pregnancy?
Unearth natural fertility options that can increase your chance of getting pregnant!


Female fertility isn't the only factor that affects your chances of getting pregnant! Male sperm health affects your chances of getting pregnant too!

Our Sperm Health section provides information on male reproductive health, diagnostic testing and factors that can negatively affect sperm count.
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