Pregnancy from Start to Finish

Whether it’s something you’ve been planning or something that catches you off guard and comes when you least expect it; pregnancy is something that you’re sure to have questions about. This is an exciting time in your life where your hopes and expectations may be blurred by things like anxiety, morning sickness and other symptoms of pregnancy. One day may be all about the cute clothes or toys for the nursery while others are about ultrasounds, strange feelings that you’re not sure are ‘normal’ and worrying about whether or not you’re doing everything you should be for a smooth pregnancy.

Before Pregnancy

Deciding to have a baby is about more than wondering whether or not it’ll be a boy or a girl or how to decorate the nursery. Amidst all of the excitement and the dreams that you surely you’ll need to give some thought to is your preconception care. Getting pregnant isn’t always as easy as you expect it to be which is why proper preconception care is important. Getting a leg up on information about your reproductive health and fertility before you start trying to conceive may make the road an easier one.

You’re Pregnant and Now the Fun Begins

Once you’ve conceived then the fun really begins; buying onsies and thinking of baby names along with prenatal care and of course, pregnancy symptoms! From morning sickness to swollen legs, your body is going to change and not all of the changes are going to be as aesthetically pleasing or easy to handle as others. Understanding the different stages of pregnancy and the symptoms that go along with them can help take some of the anxiety out of pregnancy. And, you’ll be thrilled to know that most pregnancy symptoms are manageable whether you turn to your doctor for help or go the natural route with natural remedies for dealing with the symptoms of pregnancy.

Things Don’t Always Go As You Expect or Hope

Pregnancy isn’t always a joyful time. As much as we try to do everything right to ensure a healthy pregnancy, sometimes there are things beyond our control. Pregnancy complications and even a loss of a pregnancy are things that you can’t always predict. Suffering a miscarriage or serious complications in your pregnancy can leave you feeling confused, scared and sad.

Advice, Information and Support at Your Fingertips

From information on preconception care, getting pregnant and all of the things that go along with the different stages of pregnancy to helpful advice and support from others who understand, this site is here for you. Information for those whose pregnancies are going as hoped to valuable information for those whose road to motherhood is filled with unexpected bumps, there are resources on infertility and IVF, pregnancy complications and loss and more.

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