Getting Pregnant Resources

Got a question on pregnancy? Interested in activities that can improve your chances of getting pregnant? Our Getting Pregnant Resources section is the perfect place to find answers to all your pregnancy questions.

If you’re unsure about a pregnancy term, our Pregnancy Glossary is an excellent resource. Here you’ll uncover the definitions of a variety of pregnancy terms that will guide you on your journey to getting pregnant.

Curioius about your chances of getting pregnant after being on the pill? Want to know when the best time to do a home pregnancy test is? Our answers to Getting Pregnant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will help you discover answers to all your concerns about pregnancy.

Discover friendly, helpful advice from other Getting Pregnant readers at our Words of Wisdom page. Here you’ll find thoughts on what some of our readers had wished they’d known before they tried getting pregnant. Here you’ll also learn some simple getting pregnant jargon that’s great for participating in our upcoming Getting Pregnant Stories forum. Our Financing Infertility section will help you minimize the cost of infertility treatment by providing you with practical tips on how to finance infertility treatment costs.

Uncover fun, easy conception activities that can improve your chances of getting pregnant. Our Getting Pregnant Resources provides you with information on activities like nest building and knitting.

Looking for books on methods to increase your chances of getting pregnant? Want to read up on methods to increase you chances of getting pregnant. At our Getting Pregnant Reading section, you’ll find a list of informative, up-to-date books that we recommend to those seeking extra help getting pregnant.

Searching for an accurate at-home pregnancy test? Our unique, precise pregnancy testing kits will take all the guesswork out of pregnancy. Discover our Getting Pregnant Shopping page for all your getting pregnant needs.

Our Infertility Treatment Guide will prepare you emotionally, physically and financially for treatment so that you can maximize your chances of successfully getting pregnant. Our Preparing for Fertility Appointments provides you with information on how to get ready for the start of your fertility treatment. And don't forget to check out our infertility coping guide for tips that will help you cope with the stress that can accompany you on your journey toward getting pregnant. Also, be sure to check out our Fertility Treatment Timeline for advice on how to establish a timeline that works for you and your partner.

Visit our forum to chat with other women about the best fertility resources.

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hi everyone just wondered if anyone knows how to go about iui? do u have to talk to the doctors or find a clinic youself? thanku