Our Readers Get Pregnant!

It's true! Many regular visitors to this site have got pregnant - there's every chance that you can too! The proof is in the migration we used to see from our main message board to "Got Pregnant" which was specifically for those with confirmed pregnancies (the message boards are sadly no longer in existence).

Here's some of the advice our successes offer you. You can also see the results of a mini-poll we did to see how long it took them.

"I gave up smoking & cut down on alcohol"

"I tried to loose weight. I took up an aquafit class to try to get fit. I stopped my husband drinking around ovulation."

Many have said they found this website useful because of the information about predicting ovulation.

And another recurring message was that when they were still trying to conceive, they appreciated knowing others were going through the same thing:
"I found reading the message board particularly good - helps keep things in proportion."

Several girls felt it was important not to get too wound up:
"Try not to get stressed about it and don't think about it all the time, I know it's easy to say! Relax take it easy and enjoy!!!!!" (see our article about having a Positive Attitude for more information on this)

One of the most interesting responses was from a visitor who we'll call Mrs P - click here to read her story.

In July 2002, Julie said:

"I gave up caffeine and switched to decaff. No alcohol.
"Monitored my mucus and ovary pains for two months, and then bought an ovulation predictor kit in the third month, because mucus was saying around day 15/16 and ovary pains were day 20/21.
"Also regular sessions with husband every other day from 12 to 21 !!"

(Julie has since given birth (at home) to a healthy baby boy)

In the same month we also heard from Kerry who was pregnant again after having a previous miscarriage due to low progesterone levels:

"I first learnt about predicting ovulation from this site and I learnt so much more about my body and how it works. I do believe that having this knowledge has helped me fall pregnant (knowing the right time etc). The support on the message board was also great.

"I cut out on alcohol and coffee. Basically tried eating more healthily and drinking a lot of water. As hard as it was I tried to relax and not get stressed out...

Her advice to others trying to conceive:

"Just remember that you are not alone and that when the time is right it will happen. "

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