IVF Risks– What You Need to Know

When you’ve decided that you’re ready for a baby only to find that the road to motherhood isn’t as simple as you expected, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in your quest to get pregnant that you overlook certain factors and risks. Before turning to IVF or any other procedure, it’s important that you consider all of the facts so that you can completely comfortable with your decision. This is after all your body and health that we’re talking about.

IVF Risks

In-Vitro fertilisation is a safe assisted reproductive method, but just like with any other medical procedure, there is always some risk involved. In the case of IVF, one of the biggest risks isn’t medical as much as emotional. The success of the procedure is not guaranteed and this can be extremely upsetting to couples who turn to IVF as their last hope to conceive. The time and money spent on IVF along with the frustration and stress felt when trying unsuccessfully to conceive can take its toll on a couple. It’s important to understand that IVF doesn’t always work for everyone. You can learn more about the success rates and other specifics on this site.

Another risk involved with IVF come in the way of side effects from the drugs used during the IVF process for Gonadotropin stimulation. These drugs, like all others, can cause side effects in women. These can include headaches and mood swings as well as OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome), which can cause a myriad of problems such as clotting and fluid in the lungs. The egg retrieval process also involves some risk with women having reported cramping, bleeding and discomfort following the procedure. Again, more detailed information is available on this site if you would like to know more about the steps of the procedure as well as OHSS and other complications.

What Else You Need to Know

While over 3 million babies have been born thanks to In-Vitro Fertilisation, the procedure does also involve the risk of miscarriage. This can be especially traumatic for a couple who has finally managed to conceive after trying with no success only to suffer a loss of pregnancy. There is also a higher risk of ectopic pregnancy in women who get pregnant through IVF than those who conceive naturally. Ectopic pregnancy is very serious and can cause infertility and even death. It is considered a medical emergency.

The more you know about IVF, the better prepared you will be for the experience and the more comfortable you will be with your decision to try it. Have a look around the site and learn all about IVF. You’re likely to find the answers to all of your questions.

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