ertility Surgery

For many couples having difficulty getting pregnant, fertility surgery can be an effective form of treatment in overcoming fertility problems. In fact, advances in technology and shorter recovery periods has made fertility surgery an increasingly popular options for individuals trying to conceive.

A hysteroscopy is one such procedure. This type of fertility surgery is particularly helpful in both the diagnosis and treatment of uterine irregularities, including uterine fibroids, congenital abnormalities and polyps. It can also be a helpful option for women who have experienced multiple miscarriages and is considered to be a very safe procedure that can be performed on out-patient basis.

Balloon tuboplasty is another type of fertility surgery that can help to overcome female fertility problems, particularly when blockages in the fallopian tubes are hindering a couple's chances of getting pregnant. Learn about what this procedure involves, including risks and side effects, in order to find out about whether this infertility treatment option is right for you.

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