Positive Attitude

Positive thinking is an important component of improving your chances of getting pregnant. Keeping a positive attitude is so essential to getting pregnant because it improves your overall mental health; studies have found that positive thinking decreases levels of stress and the risk of depression, which in turn led to increased odds of getting pregnant.


Positive Thinking Tips for Getting Pregnant

Many women today lead hectic lives, meaning that they are often overstressed and depressed. Mental health can have a major impact on your ability to get pregnant. However, improving your mental health in order to improve your chances of getting pregnant isn�t difficult. Small changes can have a major impact on your reproductive health and help you on your journey towards getting pregnant.

Some positive thinking tips for getting pregnant are:

  • Meditation. Just a few minutes of meditation a day can help relax the mind and help achieve a healthier mind-body connection. By focusing on taking deep, regular breaths and positive phrases like "happiness" or "pregnancy", you can relieve tension and help your mind focus on the present moment. Meditation has been proven to reduce levels of stress and depression, both of which negatively affect your ability to get pregnant
  • Yoga. Yoga is another great relaxation technique that can improve your odds of getting pregnant. By focusing on proper posture and spiritual replenishment, yoga relaxes both the mind and body, making it an excellent getting pregnant technique
  • Tai Chi. This relaxation technique is a form of martial arts that focuses on eliminating tension in the muscles. Tai chi increases your odds of getting pregnant by helping to reduce stress and ward off depression and stress
  • Visualization/Affirmative Thinking. By visualizing success in getting pregnant, you will actually bring yourself closer to your getting pregnant goal. Visualize yourself experiencing pregnancy symptoms or receiving a positive pregnancy test result. Affirmative thinking also accompanies visualization; think such positive thoughts as "I am pregnant" in order to train your subconscious into believing yourself to be pregnant. While it may seem strange at first, this type of thinking will boost your chances of getting pregnant and reduce your stress levels. Also, don�t dwell on the negative: if you get your period this month, don�t look at it as a sign of a getting pregnant failure, but rather as a positive sign that your reproduction is healthy and on-track. Looking forward is an important way to stay positive in your getting pregnant journey. Also, be realistic; unless your doctor has told you that there is no way that you can conceive then there is a chance that you can get pregnant.
  • Support System. Establish a support system of friends and family that will help you in your getting pregnant path. Talk to them and your partner about your getting pregnant concerns, fears and hopes. Finally, don�t compare yourself to others: know that your time to get pregnant will come and try to appreciate as much as possible the unique getting pregnant path that you are taking.

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