Making Baby Love

So, you want to have a baby? It's not as easy as you think, but you can help things along by taking some extra precautions to ensure that making love makes a baby for you and your partner. Read through the following list of tips and suggestions. Maybe you're already doing most of these things—or not doing them, as the case may be, but a few of our suggestions may surprise you. Read on for our little tutorial on sex and conception that can maximize your chances of becoming pregnant.

*If you've been on the pill or use an IUD, you'll want to wait at least three months after stopping the pill or having the IUD removed before you attempt conception.

*Don't neglect to have sex during the most fertile days of your cycle.

*Men shouldn't ejaculate up to 48 hours before attempting to impregnate their partners.

*Morning sex ensures higher sperm counts, increasing your chances of conception.

*If you must use a lubricant, make sure it's water-based. These are sometimes marked condom-safe.

Don't Douche

*Never douche.

*Use sex positions that work with gravity and the shape and tilt of your vagina. The best positions are missionary, side by side, and doggy-style.

*Avoid cunnilingus since this can change the natural balance of your vaginal secretions, and affect your ability to get pregnant.

*Don't do anal sex and then follow up with vaginal intercourse since this can lead to vaginal infections which can cause miscarriage and infertility.

The heat of hot tubs and underwater sex can destroy sperm. Stick to land-lubbing sex for the duration.

*Sex toys can introduce bacteria into your vagina—making for a less than happy environment for an embryo.

Stay Where You Are

*After your partner ejaculates, keep him inside you for a good while, than have him withdraw with care.

*After sex, stay in a prone position for 20 minutes or longer. It can help to raise your pelvis with pillows.

Be creative during foreplay—that's the way to make as much conception-enabling lubricant as possible!

*Don't ignore non-fertile periods of your cycle for more creative, spontaneous sex. Making love when you feel like it keeps the relationship alive for the times you're trying to conceive.

*Should you or your partner experience any type of sexual dysfunction, it is imperative that both of you receive counseling. A healthy relationship leads to healthy children.

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