"It's A......."

Anyone who is trying to get pregnant has probably heard them - the old wives tales and conception myths that people tell you to try to "help" you select your child's sex. While some old wives tales are based on factual information, others are simply tales that have no basis on reality.

Here is an examination of some of these old wives tales about gender conception. While some people laugh at these, others swear by them. They aren't grounded in any research, but they may be grounded in individual experience. And, while trying to get pregnant can be very stressful, these old wives tales can lighten the atmosphere - and perhaps provide you and your partner with something fun to try!

You Are What You Eat

There are many, many old wives tales about food and fertility. Some people will tell you to eat tons of oysters while others will recommend drinking certain herbal concoctions. If you want a boy, they say, eat read meat. Make the meat as raw as possible, and down some salty snacks along with it. Dads should also down a lot of soda. For a girl, as you might expect, the recommendations are to be very healthy. Both parents should eat fish and vegetables. The myths also say that chocolate helps with conception - especially with producing girls.

Have More Fun

There is much written, and spoken, about sexual activity and gender selection. To create a boy, you need to make love standing up or doggie style. Focus on the man's pleasure and try to get him to reach orgasm first for a boy. Some people even say to sleep on the left hand side of your partner! Some recommend having sex during a quarter moon, strictly at night. Point the woman's head north while making love and work on conceiving on odd days of the month.

For a girl, keep it simple with a missionary position and focus on her pleasure. If she reaches orgasm first, it's more likely to be a girl. Make love during daylight hours, or under a full moon. And, of course, try to conceive on the even days of the month.

Hot and Cold

Weather and disposition are two more areas that supposedly dictate the sex of the baby. If you are more relaxed while you conceive, then they say it will be a girl; more stressed and you're producing a boy. Some say that the man's testicles should be cool if you want to have a daughter and warm to make a son.

Now, it's important to remember that these are just old wives tales. There is, however, some truth to some of them and some people do say that they've had success with some of these suggestions.

Most Importantly

The most important things, really, when trying to conceive are to try to keep your positive attitude, your spontaneity and your love alive. It's very easy to become stressed and anxious when you are trying to conceive, and these can certainly hurt your chances of conception and your relationship.

Share other old wives tales with your friends and see if they have some to share with you. While most of these ideas are just for laughs - you never know what will do the trick for you and keep your positive attitude and your laugher alive as you work to conceive.

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