Poor Sperm Motility

In assessing male factor infertility, there are three main issues to consider and all of them have to do with sperm. Most of the time, male infertility is due to low sperm count, low sperm motility, or abnormal sperm. In some cases, men have all three problems.

It's easy to understand low sperm count, but most men have never heard of the term "low sperm motility" and if they have, they have no idea of how to tackle the problem. In short, sperm motility refers to the way sperm move in a forward pattern. This ability to move forward is meant to propel them through a woman's reproductive tract toward her fallopian tubes where the sperm can fertilize the waiting egg.

Target: Egg

Sperm have the egg as their target and must be able to move toward that precious object in order for pregnancy to occur. Some sperm are swimming all right, but not in a forward direction. Other sperm may be swimming in the right direction but are moving much too slow to realize their goal.

If you've had trouble making a baby with your partner, your doctor will want to assess your sperm motility. The sperm motility results will be given to you as a percentage. The percentage signifies the number of sperm that are motile, or able to move in a forward direction. Normal sperm motility should be at 50% if a couple plans to conceive.

Extreme Heat

There are several factors that can cause poor sperm motility. One such factor is extreme heat. The heat may be from spending too much time with a laptop computer on your lap, or it may be due to the presence of a varicose vein in the testicle, known as a varicocele.

Even just having a lengthy session of sex may affect sperm motility. It seems that men who ejaculate after a long session of sex have lowered sperm motility. On the other hand, the next time a man ejaculates, sperm motility will see an actual improvement from normal levels.

There are activities you can avoid in order to promote best sperm motility. In addition to laptop computers and varicoceles, stay clear of hot tubs, saunas, very hot baths, and whirlpools. Wear loose-fitting underwear, too.  Smoking is known to lower sperm motility as is exposure to heavy metals. Sometimes all a guy needs to do to improve his fertility is to remove these factors from his environment.

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