Prop My Eyelids Open, Will You?

Wake Me When It's Over

Oh Yay, I'm pregnant! I need a nap. Those very words may be your mantra for the first several weeks of your pregnancy, sometimes starting within a week of conception. Particularly through the first trimester, women often find themselves struggling to stay awake until dinner time. Being pregnant puts a strain on the entire body and all systems, so feeling tired is a very common sensation. It is thought that the dramatic rise in the hormone progesterone, along with other hormonal changes, contributes to the sluggish feeling so many women encounter during pregnancy.

Will I Ever Get a Good Night's Sleep Again?

There can be other contributors to the feeling of exhaustion during pregnancy, including difficulty getting a good night's sleep. Having to make several trips a night to the bathroom or struggling with nausea and vomiting may also contribute to that tired feeling. A pregnant woman pays a high price in terms of energy during the various stages of this incredible experience.

Fortunately for most women, that tired feeling begins to diminish in the second trimester. However, it can and often does resurface when you're heading into the home stretch, at about seven months. Carrying more weight, not sleeping well - for any number of reasons from backaches to headaches, or an active baby and frequent pee breaks, can all contribute to sleep deprivation. If you are finding that you are exhausted in the second trimester and it is concerning you, have a chat with your healthcare provider. Some women stay tired for the duration of their pregnancy; however, you do want to rule out any health concerns such as anemia or depression. If depression is a concern, the healthcare provider may be able to help find a mental health practitioner.

Some Ways to Cope with that Tired Feeling

In the meantime, what can you do to cope with this tired feeling? You might start by going to bed earlier than you usually do. A nap during the day works wonders, even if it is only for 15 minutes. A catnap is really helpful if you are working. Just shut your door and close your eyes for a few minutes to replenish your energy levels. If you don't have a door on your office space, try the couch in the lunchroom or recline the seat in your car during lunch hour.

Adjusting your schedule to allow for down time is also an important consideration. If you work outside of the house, try to take a day off during the week if you are really tired, or ask if you can do your work from home rather than going to the office. If you are a stay-at-home Mom, see if someone can come in to watch the kids for a while so you can rest.

Eat Right, Drink Plenty, Get Enough Exercise...

Eating properly and getting enough fluids are important as well. Make sure your diet is healthy and providing you with the nutrients both you and your growing baby need. Include some exercise in your daily schedule. It's amazing how much energy you will get from putting some exercise energy out.

...And Stock Up on Those ZZZs

The first trimester is usually the hardest in terms of being tired. Before you know it, you'll be up and running again in a few weeks. In the meantime, catch as many zzz's as possible while you can.


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