Things I wish I'd known about getting pregnant:

    1. That it really is normal for it to take quite a long time to get pregnant. No matter how many times people tell you I think it’s quite hard to believe when all around you people fall pg by accident, etc.
    2. That it is easy to focus on ttc when it is actually other things in your life making you miserable, for example, your job. That you feel better about ttc if you feel more positive about other areas of your life
    3. There is no point putting your life on hold waiting to get pg. It can be hard to revive interest in old hobbies/plans that you thought you had moved on from because the next step in your life was going to be pregnancy. But you feel better about ttc if you have other things to focus your thoughts on - for me it was our community garden project, vol. work with refugees & some extra responsibilities at work - all of which I am very glad I have done now I am pg and want to carry on with
    4. Deadlines for getting pg create unnecessary pressure and make you feel you have failed
    5. In early pg don't be as obsessed with symptoms or lack of them as I was. Books obviously discuss all the symptoms you could have and people who are pg with symptoms obviously want to discuss them too -partly because it’s interesting and partly to cope with the unpleasant side. But the effect of all that can be to make you wonder if you actually are pg if you don't feel the same even though I think there are a lot of people who feel OK during the first trimester.
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