Things I wish I'd known and things I’m glad I did know about getting pregnant

    1. To begin with I wish I'd known not to read too much into every single thing my body did or didn't do! I got pg the second month ttc, but prepared myself and my body for about two months before that and I wish I hadn't reads so much about things that could be wrong. About one month before we actually started trying, I had already driven myself crazy by convincing myself of having all sorts of things wrong with my body. Just because you might have 1 or two symptoms of some disease/condition, doesn't mean you have it. Thinking positive is extremely important
    2. I never had EWCM and still got pregnant very quickly. I did the whole checking CM and position as well as taking my temperatures and found it very interesting to get to know my own body and see that things are working! But I do have to say that checking CM and position wasn't as conclusive as taking temps and I know that for many people it is the other way around. So, once again: don't read too much into it and find the way that works best for you. Our bodies simply aren't textbooks!
    3. I am very glad that I informed myself before we started ttc and kept an open mind! I used to have very irregular and quite long cycles and read up a lot on medication and herbal remedies. Agnus Castus regulated my cycle and I fell pg on the first cycle using Dong Quai. In the meantime two of my friends followed my recommendations and both fell pg the first month of taking Dong Quai too. Somehow I don't think that is a coincidence, but once again, it won't work for everybody!

About pregnancy

    1. I strongly recommend throwing away any pregnancy books and magazines and staying away from pregnancy articles on the Net for at least the first 10 weeks! I started reading a lot as soon as I found out I was pregnant and found that pretty much everything I read was very negative about that early stage of pregnancy and basically told you that your chances to NOT have a miscarriage were very low. I had also continued charting my temps and they dropped at about 5 or 6 weeks and I was in tears, convinced that I was going to lose my baby. A very nice nurse at the hospital put my mind at ease and told me to stop taking my temps and all my family and friends were very reassuring. I didn't start reading up things until week 11 and stayed clear of negative articles. I am now nearly 37 weeks and only read up about complications that could occur during labor to prepare myself a bit. Besides that I am trying to stay positive and assume everything is OK. You are going to worry enough as it is and don't need to read about horror stories to make things worth
    2. Don't know if this goes under the category 'things I wish I'd known', but just be prepared: Pregnancy takes FOREVER but don’t give up: you’ll get there!

Good luck everybody!!!

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