Getting Pregnant Success: Mrs P's Story

How long did it take her to get pregnant: 1-2 years
Age: 31-35 years old

Her story:

"We tried for one year. Then went to see the doctor. First the temperature, and the sperm check. I have long and irregular cycles. My doctor was sure nothing was wrong, that I had to relax, and that I should seek for psychological help after the Clomid try if it did not work, and hold on before the next step (IVF, etc...) At this stage I also started talking about it to my friends and family (what a relief!). I was on Clomid & injection for 3 months, then I quit because I was going on vacation and the whole stuff was already too much of a hassle. And I had started believing my doctor was right about the psychological influence. Then I got pregnant (on vacation, or right after...) My wonderful boy will be one year old next week !"

Did the information on Getting Pregnant help?

"Actually, it was not your site (that was in 2000), but I click yes because I was after all this kind of info. And I then followed the "stay still after intercourse", or stop on caffeine advices, and the moral support of knowing so many others encounter the same problem is a real helper."

What advice would you give other visitors to Getting Pregnant?

"The main thing for me was getting to believe I could conceive, that nothing physical was wrong, and that I had to not focus so much on it. It worked the month I decided I should stop the treatment, because it was too obsessive. And the most interesting stories I found were those of women who were spontaneously getting pregnant when stopping all medical action, or when going to pick up the child they were adopting! I strongly believe the head is the first place where it all starts.... or ends. But how can we get this out of our head once we have decided we want a child ? ... The longer the time goes, the worst it gets..."

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