et to Know Your Erogenous Zones

Trying to get pregnant when you feel like the odds are against you, can add tension and stress to your relationship. You may need to find ways to stay positive and to put the excitement back into your sex life. Try peppering the intimate time you spend with your partner by discovering new ways to turn each other on. The best way to do that is by skipping the usual "hot spots", and discovering new ways to please and be pleased. By doing this, your attempts to conceive can turn into a whole new experience and level of kissing, caressing, and loving.

How do you add the extra "umph" in your relationship that may have faded with the stress of trying to get pregnant? One way, experts suggest doing this is by getting to know your erogenous zones. Our skin is packed with over 4 million sensitive nerve endings. When areas on our body packed with nerve endings are stimulated by touch they produce sexual feelings.

Erogenous Zones in Men

Surprise your partner by gently stroking and kissing his erogenous zones that he may have never realized that he had. Although, the main erogenous zone in men is the penis, some other pleasure producing spots that men are normally not aware of, include:

Scalp. The scalp is rich in nerve endings. Gently ruffle your partner's hair and run your fingers through his hair, to get him interested. If you're partner has a shaved head, try massaging his scalp with oil to surprise him.

Lips. Some men enjoy soft kisses, while others like a little extra sucking and nibbling on the lips. Experiment kissing your partner in a new way. This is sure to add some fun and pleasure while taking the stress of trying to get pregnant of you and your partner's mind.

Back of knees, and inside of elbow. The skin covering the back of knees and the inside of elbows is ultra soft and super sensitive to touch. Catch him off guard by gently caressing these areas with your fingertips or a feather.

Small of back. The small of his back is stocked with touch receptors. Caress the small of his back in a suggestively seductive way.

Perineum. The perineum is the area behind the scrotum near the prostrate gland. Try gently stroking your partner's perineum to get his undivided attention. This will sure get him weak in the knees and interested in another go.

Erogenous Zones in Women

The well known erogenous spot in women is the clitoris that can be stimulated by the finger or tongue. But some other soft spot you can ask your partner to explore, include:

Ears. Having your earlobe nibbled or squeezed by your partner can be a delightful pleasure. Similarly, kissing behind the ears, and hearing your partner's heavy excited breathing or low moans can also be a big turn on.

Neck. The neck, and not just the nape of the neck, responds well to touch. Ask your partner to shower kisses on your neck or for a light massage to help you relax before trying to conceive. Some women report that hot breath on the neck can send chills up their spine.

Breasts. The breasts are covered with touch receptors. Women can get nipple orgasms from having their partner kiss, rub, or suck their breasts. This is because the nipples share the same "party line" that connects to the genitals.

Buttocks. Whether you like mild spanking or a gentle massage to get you going, the buttocks respond extremely well to touch and can get you in the right mood for some loving.

Inner thighs. The inner thighs are often ignored because they are so close to the vagina. Have your partner caress, lick, or stroke your inner thighs to get you excited. Most women have reported enjoying the feeling of having their inner thighs caressed.

Feet. Having your partner massage your feet or suck your toes can be a new and amazing feeling. This is because the feet are known to release seductive pheromones.

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